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Automatic Sprinkler Valve
Water rising up from broken sprinkler head

On The Job Experiences

I remember one job where we went out on where the people could not figure out why part of their lawn was dying. We started to look around at the sprinkler system and surrounding pipes but didn't find anything right away. We decided to disconnect part of the sprinkler pipe and flush water down the pipe to see where the water would go. After a minute or two, we noticed a wet area in the middle of the dead lawn. We started digging in that area and encountered a huge tree root that wrapped around the sprinkler pipe and bent it in such a fashion that the pipe broke.

The repair solution was digging out and cutting the root and then reconnecting the pipe. The customer said  "Wow! Our system is working again!"


Broken sprinklers are sometimes hard to find. If your sprinklers go on and off overnight, you may never know that your water is going down the gutter.

The most common sprinkler repair issues with manual or automatic sprinkler systems are broken heads and broken sprinkler pipes.  Since your automatic sprinkler system typically waters in the early morning hours, you may not see these issues.  However, you may notice areas either receiving too much or not enough water.  Too much water can cause soil erosion and undermine plant roots.  This is an indication that your system is in need of repair. 

At Robert Kuebler, we will schedule an appointment, inspect your system and restore it to optimum service.  Our truck is fully equipped when we arrive at your job and we use only top of the line repair products.  These products are designed to last through years of service. 

We specialize in maintenance and repair of your sprinkler system. We will check your sprinkler system, one station at a time, to make sure your watering system is free of:

  • Broken / Leaking Sprinkler Heads
  • Leaking Sprinkler Valves
  • Leaking Pipes

 Let Robert Kuebler make your outdoor environment a pleasant area to be proud of.  Our regular sprinkler repair service of your automatic sprinkler system will keep your yards green, healthy and an enjoyable place to relax.

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